Saturday, October 8, 2011

Green thumbs

We're fortunate enough to own a house with a little patch of land, but unfortunately, I have yet to get anything to grow on it besides grass (and weeds of course). Since my parents are in Kuantan for the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to right this wrong. So, early this morning we set off in search for some trees and flowers to help brighten up our little garden.

I left all the decisions and designing to my father, he is a landscape architect by profession after all. I love looking at other people's well kept gardens but am hopeless at picking out trees suited to the climate or imagining how different shrubs can be organized to make a garden look amazing.

Hamzah with the nursery owner

The kids were excited. They loved helping out their grandfather to clear the garden. After a short trip to several nearby nurseries, we came back home with a car full of plants, grass and dirt. The kids insisted that the trees be planted right away and enjoyed planting each one. We all know how much kids love playing with dirt don't we?

Our first tree!

Hopefully the garden will grow, the trees flourish and the flowers bloom. Just a few plants for now, but slowly, with adequate nurturing and care, anything can become something beautiful.


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