Monday, October 24, 2011

Lies and secret babies

I had to send my maid back yesterday. After 2 wonderful months of having someone help me around the house with the housework so I could spend more time with the kids, tragedy struck. I found out that she was almost 6 months pregnant. Unbelievable! Seems that when she came to work for us, she was already 3 months pregnant but for some unfathomable reason, she thought that it would not be detected. 

It is true what they say, you can never see something if your brain does not think it. The thought of someone hiding a pregnancy never crossed my mind and therefore I was totally blindsided. It was quite a shock to me when the FOMEMA panel approved doctor called me into her clinic to inform me.

There were no big fireworks (though I was pretty upset- mostly because of the betrayal and the thought of having to do everything by myself again but all tears were shed alone- I refused to cry or get angry in front of her), I did not quiz her as to why she knowingly came here even though she was with child or why she was begging me not to tell her family back home. Why and how she became pregnant is none of my business, that is between her, her family and Allah. 

My parents were even more forgiving than me. My father said, we have to just accept this unfortunate news as fate. There was no point in being angry, despite the substantial amount of money we had spent. He also reminded me that people in poverty can do such things as acts of desperation and we cannot judge her since we are fortunate enough not to be in her situation.

She was a hard-worker and her help was invaluable. For this, I am very sad to lose her. However, I had no choice but to send her back immediately since FOMEMA would never approve a pregnant maid and I could not risk anything happen to her or her unborn child while under my roof. 

So for now, it will just be us again. Ya Allah give me strength to do the best I can for my children. Amin.


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