Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So THIS is the East Coast Mall

Off to paint Kuantan RED

I've been in Kuantan for almost 4 months now but sadly, I have not had the chance to explore much of it. Until very recently, the only places I have been to includes work, home and Giant. So last weekend, I decided to finally see a little more of this city.

 With a hand-drawn map in one hand courtesy of my colleague, we set of to find the East Coast Mall. It is the biggest shopping mall that Kuantan has to offer. My first thoughts upon entering the large building was, "no wonder everybody has been telling me to go". It had the usual mall offerings, shops (I didn't get to survey properly but there seemed to be a good selection), eateries (Black Canyon, Chicken Rice Shop, KFC, Pizza Hut Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Rotiboy) and a decent sized Parkson. Parking is quite cheap (RM1 per entry on weekdays and RM 2 on weekends).

I wanna go home and play

We made a beeline straight for Parkson. I wanted to buy the kids some toys. It was Yousof's birthday recently but as any parent knows, you can't walk into a toy section with 3 kids and come out with 1 toy. Impossible. 

We chose some great (yet affordable), stimulating toys. A basic Lego set, a 60 piece puzzle set and a Snakes & Ladders board game. So armed with a "present" each, my kids were grinning from ear to ear. Lunch was at the Chicken Rice Shop since I was trying to stay away from fast food (they've had their quota for this month) and we stopped by Big Apple to buy a box of doughnuts for tea.

The kids enjoyed their simple toys immensely and I was so glad. The next day, we went shopping for groceries and the kids had a playdate to share their new toys. It was a nice weekend.

Doughnuts to end the day


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