Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meeting the Giants || PINC 2011 Bioactives for a Healthy Lifestyle

For the last two days, I attended a conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The conference was organized by the MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) and focused on something I have been researching for my Masters, namely tocotrienols (which is a form of vitamin E found naturally in palm oil).

It was an extremely informative conference as the invited speakers were mostly well-renowned pioneers and researchers in the field. Needless to say, being able to listen to the great people talk was an amazing opportunity for me (I quote and cite these people in my thesis!).

The three of us from my department (Sharlina, Chun Yi and I) also made new friends. Special shout out to Siti, Chee Heng, Chee Hyong, Choon Hong and Liza. Hope to see you guys again (especially those who are actually from UKM too hehe).

All in all it was a very good experience. I even managed to asked these professors a question during the Open Forum. (FFWD to 7:20 to see how nervous I was).

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