Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grand High Tea at Grand Seasons Hotel

Last Saturday we finally managed to cash in our High Tea coupons at the Grand Seasons Hotel. We had bought the coupons during one of our lunch excursions last month but since everybody has been so busy during the weekends, it took us almost 2 months before we were able to enjoy it.

I was a little apprehensive at first about bringing my kids as they are very picky eaters, it would have been a shame to go to a buffet tea with them refusing every morsel of food. Plus, I was also worried that they would be too much of a handful, and I would end up eating nothing while consoling three restless children. My worries were unfounded as not only did the kids behave amazingly well, they also ate like champions. Hamzah (the youngest) downed 5 glasses of soya and had fried rice with BBQ chicken. Aishah (the pickiest eater of all), ate noodles, rice, chicken, cakes - it was unbelievable. Yousof also loved the food and especially enjoyed the fried rice, BBQ chicken and nuggets.

They also had great fun meeting the UKM Wondergirls with a special guest appearance by Dr Mashitah (ex-MRSMJ and now Dr Mali's housemate). They loved Cik Cha (Shar), Cik Jil (Zil), Cik Mali (might change to Cik Ros- easier) and Cik Mashitah (or Fashitah as they kept pronouncing it). As usual it took them a while to warm up but they soon enjoyed themselves and had fun with their new Makciks.

All in all the high-tea was thoroughly enjoyable, the spread was quite varied. There was local dishes (including, Malay cuisine, dim sum, yong tau fu, nasi kandar), Japanese food, Western dishes, a variety of cakes and desserts, ABC and ice cream- very good value for money since we only pain RM28 per pax for it. The food was tasty too, but the star of the day was definitely the BBQ chicken. Amazing! My troops and I can't wait for our next big outing. :)


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