Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our short sojourn at Equatorial Bangi

Last week, I went back to KL to submit my thesis. I got an SMS from my dad telling me that after Iftar at our house, I should bring the kids & my mum to the Equatorial Bangi since he had a 3 day conference there and they allocated him a big room. 

The kids were excited of course, they love staying in hotels. After making a U-turn at Shah Alam (yes! people I actually missed the Sungai Besi toll and ended up in Shah Alam), we managed to find the Bangi exit and the Equatorial easily. 

The kids had a great time just playing around. The grounds were beautiful and the kids pool was really nice. Some hotels have a wading pool that is to me, still too deep for small children, so as a default tense parent, I always stand by the side worrying. The Equatorial wading pool was just perfect. 

My only gripe was the room service. The menu promised Nasi Goreng BBQ Chicken for RM26 ++. Listed in the description was BBQ chicken, egg and veggies. What arrived instead was a sorry excuse of a Nasi Goreng that I wouldn't pay RM 2.60 for, the BBQ chicken was actually tiny diced chicken sausage inside the rice and the egg was also tiny flecks in the rice. The menu was totally misleading as the other Nasi Goreng listed sate as its ingredients (so I wonder now, will the sate also have arrived as finely diced). If Nasi Goreng Sate comes with sate, logically Nasi Goreng BBQ Chicken should come with BBQ chicken.

Other than that we had a great time. Even a one day holiday, counts as a holiday in my book.


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