Sunday, August 21, 2011

An impromptu reunion crash at Al-Rawsha - Iftar 2011

Am back in KL for a few days to sort out my thesis submission (finally!) and I decided rather spontaneously, to have Iftar with my old friends from MRSM Jasin. For the past few years, it had always been this never-ending cycle of "who's gonna plan a reunion?" and "where will we go?" and "when can everyone come?". Huge headache to have multiple opinions and cater for everyone at the same time. So this year I decided, I want to have Iftar with my best friend Keen, if anyone else wants to join then "the more the merrier".

With Ernie

My little idea was met with a response beyond my expectations and coincidentally some of my friends from the same school were planning their own mini-reunion (Class 4C). So I did what any self-respecting spontaneous person would do- I hijacked their reunion! Haha. 

The early birds (Fr left, Ayu, Keen, Zoe, Me, and Reen)

It wasn't as hostile as it sounds. The 4C guys & gals welcomed us with open arms and we had a great night. The venue was quite comfortable (at Al-Rawsha, Bulatan Kg Pandan), the food was ok (I prefer their normal days -Lamb Mandy!- to their buffets) but most of all it was a great get together with old friends. 

All the ladies & Fachri

There were people there who I haven't seen since 1997! Even though I recognized everyone, some people had to be re-introduced to everyone (Yes, you Ainor Izman). All in all it was a great reunion. Thanks to the 4C members who let us crash :) Faqree, Didi, Faizol, Raja, Alin, Ainor and Ayu. To my fellow reunion crashers Keen, Reen, Ernie, Lynn, Zoe and Suzanna, let's do this again next year!

No, we didn't eat all of that


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