Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The longest lunch

A little inappropriate to be talking about lunch on the second day of Ramadhan but I wanted to pen down my thoughts on last Saturday's lunch before I forgot, and I did not have time to do it earlier. It was an amazing lunch. Not simply because of the amazing feast that my dear friend' mother prepared for us but because of the company and the take home message that I obtained after.

My ex-classmate (during medical school) Dr Soha Emad, who's father Dr Emad taught us anatomy, invited me to her house for lunch. We had not seen each other since last year and I was really grateful for the invite. I remember when we were students, everybody looked forward to an invite to Iftar at Dr Emad's house because Soha's mother is an excellent cook.

I was also looking forward to meeting her 2 kids Maryam & Aiman. I had not met them before and they were both beautiful and adorable. Maryam is active and friendly, and has her mother's spunk. Aiman is the sweetest young boy, who doesn't get cranky when sleepy or even if suddenly awakened from sleep. Amazing. 

Soha had also invited a very close friend of mine, Dr Alya and her husband Dr Anis. I was really looking forward to meeting her too. We had not seen each since our last yearly lunch at Passages Through India. 

The food, of course was spectacular. There was rice, macaroni, roasted chicken, shawarma, aubergines with mince meat, beef with ladies fingers, kibah/kubah (great debate on this- it's basically like a huge meatball) and an amazing salad. Oh and a really nice white thing that I forgot the name of, again! Sorry, Soha. The food was so nice, that we don't have a single picture (too busy eating). 

Everybody had a great time with endless topics provided by the guys, Soha's husband Abdel-Baset, her brothers, Ahmad & Omar, and her father. We girls also had time to talk and catch up. I arrived at the house at 12.30pm and we didn't leave until 7 pm! 

The thing I will remember the most (besides the food) was sitting down with my two good friends. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to be un-rushed, un- hurried and just simply sit and talk. After the long but wonderful day, I realized that the beauty of friendship is that we can be miles apart, rarely see each other at all, but true friends will always make you feel loved.


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