Friday, July 22, 2011

A very cheerful visitor

Last Tuesday night, my dear friend Mas & her adorable baby Hayfa dropped by for a visit. Our first official visitors since we moved to Kuantan. Mas is one of my closest and oldest friends, I have known her since I was 14 years old. We were at SSI JB together, MRSM Jasin together and even IIUM Kuantan together. So I was so happy that she came.

Plus it was the first time I would get to meet her adorable baby girl. Hayfa is now 9 months old and has to be the friendliest baby on the planet. My kids loved playing with her and she enjoyed playing with them. So much so that it took alot of cajoling to get them to sleep that night. We had such a nice time talking and catching up (we haven't really seen each other properly since 2005- went to her wedding but who has time to talk to anyone during a wedding right?) & the kids had so much fun playing that we forgot to take a single picture. So I kidnapped one from her FB account.

Aishah has already made me promise to ask that aunty and baby to come back soon, and I also am looking forward to it :)


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