Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Kuantan with love

Last Saturday, we moved to Kuantan. It has only been a week, but so far we are adjusting well. Everything is so laid back here as compared to in KL. The house is huge compared to my parents' house in Gombak and the kids seem to thrive in all this open space. They have THREE playgrounds just across the street and will have a large compound to run around in (as soon as I finally get around to clearing off all this construction/move junk).

Removing old junk from the house (Note the green walls painted by my last tenant)
No, we don't have a pool. Stayed at MS Gardens 1 night coz the house was too dusty.
I think it is amazing that I can leave the house at 8 am and reach the kid's school by 8.05 am. Their "school" and my new workplace (IIUM Kuantan) is literally two right turns away from my house. The campus is ginormous. It is three times as big as IIUM Gombak but with only about a quarter of the population. Several of the faculties or as we call them Kulliyyahs are up and running with mine (Kulliyyah of Medicine) the first one established. Everybody used to be under our roof but now everyone has moved into their own building. 

View of the courtyard from the staircase leading to my office

The main lobby Kulliyyah of Medicine from my office (first floor) terrace
Despite not actually able to report for duty yet (am going to do so ASAP after I submit my thesis), the Kulliyyah have generally allocated me my own room to work in. There are no students yet (new semester starts in September), so other that the fact I am slogging away at my laptop to finish this thesis, life is pretty much relaxed. More importantly, the kids are enjoying their new school and their new life here.

My new office- will try hard not to clutter it

A touch of home
Of course, not everything has been smooth sailing. I lost my 3 month old phone on my first night here (I dropped it at the playground and needless to say some dishonest person out there is enjoying an ill gotten iPhone). I miss my family and friends terribly. But I have cousins here who have gone out of their way to make us feel at home and I have made some new friends too. I am grateful for the wonders of technology for keeping me in touch with people I could not live without. 

As they say in those postcards. "Having a great time, wish you were here." From Kuantan with love.


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