Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st Annual Educare Kuantan/UMP Gambang Sports Day

Everyone was excited, this would be the first ever Sports Day held by the IIUM childcare/kindergarten in Kuantan. Usually in IIUM Gombak they would hold separate Sports Days for Childcare (2-3 year olds) and Kindergarten (4-6 year olds) but because the number of kids in Kuantan was much smaller, they decided to combine both events. 

Firstly, the facilities were brand new, we arrived to see the teachers ripping off the plastic wrapper from the grandstand chairs. It was much more comfortable compared to the Sports Complex in Gombak as there was adequate ventilation (working fans!) and the seats were much closer to the action. 

Of course, there were several hiccups before the show started but nothing major. It began with a "march" past by the kids. The 2-3 year olds were adorable. Some were given little animal suits. Hamzah was an elephant :) The six year olds were the only ones marching albeit each one to his own beat :)

There were 2 performances, one from the 5-6 year olds from Educare Kuantan, and one from the Gambang children. The Kuantan kids did a routine to The Lion Sleeps tonight and Wassini, whilst the Gambang kids did Coconut. Though the routines were a lot less elaborate than I'm used to seeing Aishah and Yousof do in Gombak, the kids did look as if they were having fun.

As usual the games were fun and hilarious with most of the younger participants bawling at the starting line or crying their little hearts out but still trying to finish the event. Alhamdulillah all my kids finished their event without incident. Hamzah came in second for his event (Pick me up!- though he could easily have come first if he had not decided to run back to the starting line before rushing to the finishing line), Aishah also came in second (Ring in the baton) and Yousof finished 4th (Gunny race). 

The biggest disappointment of the day was that while we were waiting for Hamzah's name to be called out during the prize giving ceremony (actually he was determinedly pulling my hand to get on stage the whole time- I had to tel him to wait for his name to be called out), they actually gave his trophy to another child and did not call his name out. When I was sure that he had been overlooked, I immediately informed the Educare manager/supervisor. Poor Hamzah was very distraught. Thankfully, they actually interrupted the prize-giving to call Hamzah to the stage to accept his well-deserved trophy. I'm not sure where the mistake happened, whether the "race officials" submitted the wrong winner, or they wrongly crowned Hamzah at the finish line (if so, they should have informed me). What was strangest to me at the time was that the parents of the child they did call out instead of Hamzah did not protest at all, since all the 1st to 3rd placings were clearly identified with a cardboard tag (see pictures), hence if their child didn't have one, means she didn't win. Right? Sounds petty, I know, but when it comes to seeing my kids disappointed like that, I could not just take it lying down. Am grateful though that the organizers were able to find an extra trophy for Hamzah. Hopefully the future events will be better organized.


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