Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alice Hartley's Happiness by Philippa Gregory

Basic Plot

Stuck in a mundane, loveless marriage, Alice Hartley is convinced that she is a women in her prime waiting for something amazing just around the corner. In an epic meltdown she abandons all conformity and escapes into the countryside, young lover in tow. Faced with an ancient old aunt who refuses to die, nosy village neighbours and a stuffy professor husband out for vengeance, she rises above all adversity to establish a most unconventional healing centre. With frazzled housewives, nervous co-eds, enthusiastic boy scouts, friendly dolphins and even "aliens" thrown into the mix, surely the path to Alice Hartley's happiness is colourful to say the least.

What I liked about this book 

It was a quirky read with many unexpected turns. Honestly, I never knew what was coming next at each turn of the page. The characters were funny with a reckless abandon. Even the conclusion was in keeping with the whole spirit of the book , wacky!

What I disliked about the book

Three words, too much sex. Alice's (and the rest of the character's foray into that whole 60's lifestyle and all that it entails was too graphically described). Plus I find the naming of certain anatomical parts very juvenile. In my defense, this book was purchased for me by a friend who also probably had no idea. (I heard Philippa Gregory and told her to buy because I loved the other historical fiction books penned by this author).

A quote I liked from this book

Knowing something from your imagination is equal in merit to knowing it because you happened to read it in a book written by some dried-up old idiot of a professor.

Rating: 3.5/5



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