Monday, April 16, 2012

Petrosains Playsmart, Kuantan

Everybody's favourite: Robot football!

The first question that my youngest son Hamzah always asks whenever it is the weekend is "Where are we going?" After a few weekends, you can guess that the actual places to go have more or less dwindled. Last weekend, I found inspiration from my daughter Aishah's school trip. We decided to go to Petrosains Playsmart in Tanjung Lumpur.


Armed with a Google map and a 4 1/2 year old navigator, we set off after a hearty breakfast. Signage to the Kompleks Yayasan Pahang building was atrocious but we plouged on after the Tanjung Lumpur bridge full of optimism. We were relieved to spot an official looking building just in time to hear Aishah say "There it is!"


Since it was quite early, we were the only people there except for a group of teenagers on a school trip doing Math exercises in the corner. The kids were delighted to see all the exhibits and had a great time trying each one. Even the adults had an interesting time trying to figure out the puzzles and playing the games. Most of the exhibits worked and were well maintained. There was no gift shop to stop off and buy fridge magnets to add to our collection though. 

They even had traditional games, and board games

Balance beam

All in all, a fun and educational place close to home. We'll be back soon!

We had fun!


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