Friday, February 18, 2011

Two cakes and presents (well, sort of)

Hamzah couldn't stop saying "Wah! Cake.."

I totally forgot to write about the day that I came home to 2 birthday cakes. (I know, I know it's already February and my birthday was last month but it's a sweet story so I wanted to share). 

"Happy Birthday Umi"

Yousof is the resident cake cutter

My family doesn't really celebrate birthdays. Growing up, my parents preferred to give us presents after end-of year exams. Birthdays, were the days when we got to decide the dinner menu. I would always ask my mother to cook her special Nasi Ayam (because hers is the best on the planet - I can eat 4 plates without pausing for breath). 


My presents :)

Anyway, since having kids of my own, we still don't celebrate birthdays as grandly as other people might (like having themed birthday parties), but I usually by a nice cake for them. They love the sense of wonder at opening the cake box, singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake. Of course, the eating part too. The best part is when everyone has had as many slices as the want (usually 2 each), we divide up the cake and deliver it to our neighbours. Surprisingly, the kids look forward to this short trip across the road to share their good fortune with the neighbours as much as eating the cake itself.

My smaller cake
Which we had the next morning for breakfast ..hehe

So this year, I was pleasantly surprised to find in addition to the birthday cake I had bought on my way home, a much bigger cake already waiting for me at home. Plus, the kids had asked their grandmother to tie a ribbon around some 'baju kurung' that coincidentally had just arrived from our tailor. So each of them gave me my own 'baju kurung' as a present. Truthfully, the gesture was so sweet that I was as touched as if they had sewn the clothes themselves..hehe.


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