Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNY holidays Part 2: Splashing through Mersing


From Melaka we decided to head straight for Mersing on Friday to make sure that we were already settled for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Once again half the population of Malaysia decided to escort us on our trip. Thankfully, despite the heavy traffic it was a smooth ride to Mersing. Sort of. We took the Melaka-Kluang-Jamaluang-Mersing route, which basically consists of many palm oil estates and a winding road with hair-pin turns.
See how confusing it was? No indication that it was possible to turn left that could be seen until you actually turn left

Tired and slightly stressed out from the journey we arrived in Mersing and headed to Hotel Seri Malaysia Mersing. Unfortunately, the signage to get there was horrendous (the normal route was completely blocked by an expo), we kept going round in circles for almost an hour. It was frustrating since we knew we were already in the vicinity. In the end, it turned out that HSMM was just down a road that we had passed at least 5 times but did not turn into due to a very stupidly placed ONE WAY sign (which actually served no purpose because every oncoming traffic could go both ways at that junction) that was very confusing.

A little more timid
Everyone got a turn in the big pool but Hamzah enjoyed it the most

After finally reaching the hotel the kids were delighted to see that there was a swimming pool. After a quick late lunch and meet-up with other family members, they got to splash around with their Tokki playing lifeguard duty. One thing is for certain, my youngest, Hamzah knows no fear.

We also managed to sneak off to Air Papan beach for a brief windy interlude. Amazing scenery and great kite flying weather. 

All in all a great day in Mersing. By the way, if you ever go to Hotel Seri Malaysia Mersing, I recommend the Soto Ayam. It's the cheapest dish on the menu at RM7 but the soup is amazing and the portions are huge (with ample chicken and nasi himpit), the sambal kicap was also nice. Probably the 2nd best Soto Ayam ever (the best being the one in Jasin). 

Dunno where Yousof learnt to take his own pic
Yeay! I love holidays


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