Monday, October 4, 2010

Popeye's Louisiana Fried Chicken @ Wangsa Walk

We went o pick up the specs that the girls had ordered the week before. Despite Shar's pleads to eat at A&W, we ended up at Popeye's Lousiana Fried Chicken. Although obviously it was a fast food franchise much like other fried chicken franchises, I wanted to try it since I saw an episode on the asian Food Channel touting the superb flavours of Lousiana style fried chicken.

We ordered 2 chicken meals and 2 maxi meals and 1 large cajun fries. The chicken meal was like the equivalent of a KFC snack plate, with coleslaw and mashed potato plus a biscuit. The maxi meal had 1 piece chicken, 1 tender (a breaded piece of chicken meat) and 1 fish fillet. The fries were like the A&W curly fries (minus the curls). Overall it was quite good. The mashed potato gravy was really nice (tasted like a really good chicken chop gravy) and the coleslaw tasted a bit like the Kenny Roger's coleslaw. The fries were really good and the 'large' portion was very generous. The chicken was a little bit disappointing as I expected more flavour. It was just regular fried chicken (slightly on the dry side). I guess that's fast food for you.

Wonder where the REAL Luisiana fried chicken is? Probably in Louisiana..hehe.


Yeay! Aini has finished reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Read her review at Hidayah's Book Club now. Want to borrow it next? ;)


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