Friday, October 1, 2010

More than a pinch of salt

We arrived late for the department's Hari Raya Gathering and were 'banished' to the other side of the room. But Zil and I still managed to secure a table to put our food on. Yeay! Without the other UKM Wondergirls around, it was a bit quiet. 

(Standing)- Me, Zil, Shazlan, En. Imran, Safaa, Nizar  (Sitting)- Dr Azman, Prof Kamsiah

There was quite a spread laid out, lontong, rendang ayam, nasi impit, kuah kacang, emang and mee kari. The lontong and rendang were actually very good. The kuah kacang was a bit on the salty side. But the 'winner' was definitely the mee kari. I think the delivery van must have collided with salt truck on the way to UKM and managed to dump at least 3kg of salt into the curry. It was practically inedible. Thank goodness I'm not a huge mee kari fan (I stuck to having 2 plates of lontong and rendang.. hehe).

Zil smiling before she had the mee kari

Dessert was ice cream and local fruits. Thanks to the contribution of the postgraduates and our (Zil and I) expedition to Chow Kit that morning. We wanted to buy chocolate sauce for the ice cream, but it seems that UO doesn't sell them. Like the salesgirl (when I asked if they sold any) said "Kalau nak akak pergi Sogo lah." Hello? If I had the time to go to Sogo, don't you think that I would? 

We started the ice cream sensation

We left the lunch heavier with our tummies full of food and our hearts a little sad for the newest developments here. Hopefully, the department can survive its newest test. TOP SECRET. (Sometimes I feel like I'm studying in a Malay drama set instead of a university)


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