Sunday, October 21, 2012

UKM 40th Convocation Ceremony || My Masters degree (finally)

Alhamdulillah, yesterday was the 40th Convocation Ceremony in UKM. I was there to receive my Masters degree in pharmacology. It was a very memorable day.

Thank you to my parents and brother for supporting me and my beautiful kids for being my inspiration. Also all my friends and extended family who made sure that the journey, though tough at times, was never lonely. It was not about the piece of paper, in the end it's about those who help you believe that anything is possible.

With Ezura and Dahlia, thank you for keeping me company (congrats to Asrul for his Clinical Masters)

With my roomie Mali, so glad that we got to convo together

Yousof, Aishah & Hamzah with so many gifts

With Mali & Nizar #teampharmaco (congrats Nizar for his PhD)

UKM Wondergirls #teampharmaco with Mali & Shar (thank you Shar for the teddy bear bouquet & for making all those years at UKM memorable)

Congrats DB :) Sorry we didn't get to take a pic together

To my fellow trainees at IIUM, thank you guys too, am so lucky to have such wonderful colleagues and friends.
PS: Photo shoot tomorrow ;)


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