Friday, January 6, 2012

Yousof's first day of school

OoopS! Shirt should be untucked

Well, it has finally happened. I am officially old. Last Wednesday, I sent my eldest son to his first day of school. I must admit, I was probably more worried than he was. Although, in my defense, I have already survived school so I know there are many things to worry about. Yousof was just excited to start on his new adventure. I am blessed with kids who adjust and adapt to new situations quickly. 

Couldn't even wait to take off the plastic wrap. Extra pull out bed for Aishah coz her room doubles as a guest room.

So, on the big morning, I woke up quite early after a night of tossing and turning. My parents were already up and getting ready to head back to KL (they usually head out right after Fajr prayer so they can get to work on time). Yousof woke up on his own after his first night sleeping in the top bunk of the boys' new bunk bed. Aishah & Hamzah also woke up a lot easier than normal. I even managed to pack food for everyone to bring to school.

We arrived early and found our way to Yousof's classroom. After filling out forms and whatnot, I had to leave him for a few minutes to send the other 2 to "school". I came back in time to see them perform solat and eat. Obviously, some kids were adjusting better than others. I saw quite a few crying and refusing to get into class. Some did not know how to eat their lunch since it was served on a tray to be shared with friends. Many of the kids were having fun though, walking hand in hand with their friends and answering their teachers enthusiastically.

InsyaAllah, Yousof will settle in well. He had a good first and second day. He came back with a lot of stories and seemed to enjoy himself. He was, of course, exhausted and slept until 6pm.

This school may not be as well equipped as I would like but the curriculum has a few extra things that I hope will help to shape my son to be a good person. I am unable to give him the best guidance on many things, so hopefully, we will learn together. 

PR: perhimpunan, AD: Akidah, BI, TJ: tulisan jawi, BM, FQ: Fiqh, AH: akhlak, BA: bahasa Arab, M3: maths, TZ: tazkirah, MM: mentor mentee, PJ1: pend jasmani, SR: sirah, SN: sains, AQ: Al-Quran, HQ: Halaqah

My hope is for him to love knowledge, learn well and become a good and well rounded person with strong foundations in Islam. Everything else is a bonus :)


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