Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lights of Alborada by Gianni Riotta

Basic plot

Nino Manes escaped his prisoner of war camp in Texas to reach his village in Italy. He had a wedding to stop. Clutching a letter from his sweetheart telling him that she intends to wed their English teacher in forty days time, he risks his life to prevent this. After all, what is life without love? Joined by the unlikeliest of traveling companions, a fake American lieutenant and a waif-like prostitute, his impossible quest is fraught with daring escapes from Military Police, bounty hunters, land mines and even ferocious wild beasts. 

What I liked about this story

I must admit that reading the synopsis made me buy the book. The die-hard romantic in me could not resist such a tragic story of enduring true love. The author has a lovely way of describing people, places and emotions that verges on poetic. The characters are likeable, especially the enigmatic and charming lieutenant.

What I disliked about this story

As with most authors who dwell on descriptions, sometimes, the pace of the book fell short, slightly dragging it's heels. I was also not keen as to the fate of the characters, personally, I would have taken the story in another direction. 

A quote I liked from this book

The daring route that lets you overtake yourself when you have lost your past, and accept rebirth in life's uncertainty. Humble and close to those around you.

Rating: 3.5


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