Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cik Jil & Karido - The love story

Last Friday night ... (no this is not the Katy Perry song) ... a dear friend got married. Even though, I have only known her for less than 3 years, Zil is of course one of the UKM Wondergirls. A little nickname I coined for the small group of postgrad students studying with me at UKM (Still in present tense since I have yet to go for my viva). As a group we've not only spent a lot of time with each other (most of it eating..hehe) but we've also been through tough times together, so I consider each one of them my sisters. 

The first time we heard about Khalid ... we found out that Zil was not single and not available. Khalid was far away though, in Japan. So mostly Khalid or Karido as we liked to call him was merely a name on Zil's lips and a smile each time she opened her laptop.

The first time we met Khalid ... he dropped by with Zil at one of our lunch outings at Ani Sup Utara. That time, H1N1 was rampant so he was wearing a face mask. Truly a strange way to be introduced to a group of talkative women. Understandably he didn't talk much.

The first time we really got to know Khalid ... was at their engagement ceremony. He was so friendly and cheerful (of course) that day. Joking with all of us. Yup, Khalid was one of us now. He was bound by promise to our Zil.

And so, on 23/12/11 (also Khalid's birthday- smart move, so he will never forget) ..we saw our beautiful sister Zil transform into a ravishing princess and married to her Prince Charming. They will make a wonderful couple, Zil with her beauty and kind heart, with Khalid who is truly a really nice guy. I wish them all the best.

Congratulations Zil & Khalid. May your lives be filled with love ever after.


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