Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing ..Me!

The first year students had their Introduction to Pharmacology lecture today, given by Dr Anil. He also introduced the rest of the pharmacology lecturers (only 3 of us in the department right now). Had to stand in front of all the students so they could get a good look. 

Seems like a good batch, they asked many questions during the Q&A session (after a bit of coaxing and prodding from Dr Anil of course- I find students are always a bit apprehensive at first about asking questions). Hopefully will get to meet them all personally soon (as in give a lecture) but they won't be starting this subject until Block 3 (a few months to go). 

Am excited about lecturing but not sure if I will get the chance before starting my PhD, it all depends on my Masters viva. Looking forward to it :) In the mean time, my door (though as yet, still not labelled) is always open.


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