Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Williams where everything is BIG

Last week we all went on a food outing to Williams. Actually Maz had been raving on about for ages but we never got around to actually going. Finally, we managed to set a date and Faizal (Maz's husband) was brave enough to take all 8 of us girl's out to see Uncle William.

The traffic was quite bad to get there, despite taking the short-cuts. Word to the wise, do perform your Maghrib somewhere first, because we had a hard time finding a surau (finallly ended up stopping for Maghrib at the Tabing Haji mosque nearby).
The place itself was open air, we arrived early so the crowds had not descended yet. The place doesn't have a formal menu although there is a big chalkboard with some suggestions and the "waiters" are very helpful at suggesting the chef's specials.

Cool drinks like avacado chocolate, avacado yogurt

My chicken Kiev was HUGE (a bit salty for me but everyone else said it wasn't) and my Pinapple and Rambutan juice with almost half a tin of Rambutan stuffed with pinapple cubes

Love the drinks

Zil's sis (Shikin) and friend Cicah with their Spagetti Arabiata style ..soooo many meatballs

Zil and her sis Aqilah with my favourite of the night Nasi Goreng Ketam

Shar's nasi goreng pikachu ..eh kapachu .. hehe

Nice Meatball Lasagna

Uncle William himself "Sorry ye, I a bit slow" when actually he just calculated everything in his head

We had an ecclectic combo of both Western and Aisian food. The portions were huge! I especially loved the big juice glasses and weird combos but mostly coz they put so much fruit (rambutan, laici, longan) in there. The food itself was ok, there were some hits and misses (namely do NOT order nasi gorneng ayam percik). But all in all a great place to eat and chat and hang out with friends. (Prices were ~RM 12-30 per dishand drinks were ~RM 7.)

More prices and pics here.

PS: Some very sad news. Last Sunday, Sharlina's mother passed away peacefully at home. Al-Fatihah.


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