Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mariah Aishah (alamak forgot the third name) \ || Ani Sup Utara Gombak

Two Sundays ago we went all the way to Puncak Alam to visit my cousin who recently had a baby girl. A miracle baby after 12 ++ years of trying for a second child. 

Introducing Mariah (like Carey) Aishah (and a 3rd first name that I have forgotten):

The kids loved fawning over the cute little thing. Hamzah was especially exuberant in kissing her cheeks. Aishah was just delighted that it was a girl and dressed in pink from head to toe. 

Since it was dinner time, we stopped off at the newly opened Ani Sup Utara near our house. First time for my parents and kids. We had the bihun sup (ayam), sup ayam, sup tulang and sup kambing. As susual was able to douse my bihun with tonnes of sambal kicap (sooo hot and good!), the kids devoured their sup ayam and managed to finish a whole serving of rice between them (a rare and amazing feat), my father enjoyed his sup kambing. The only slight disappointment was the sup tulang as it was quite tough. 

Then we headed home and slept.


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