Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exams and results

It really is different to be on the other side. Yesterday was the first time I had to invigilate an exam. I must admit, it seemed very surreal to watch all the students filing into the exam hall, nervous and anxious as I once was. 

I looked through the questions. They were eerily similar to my end of block exams when I was their age. Though a few things are different (like the wire baskets hanging at the side of each desk and under it), everything was pretty much as I remembered it. 

Snacks for the invigilators (note the kiddy drinks!)

I also got to see some students scrambling to write the answers even after "Stop writing", something I have also done a few times hehe.

Speaking of exams, today I went to Irsyad for their Report Card Day. Alhamdulillah for his first semester exams, Yousof finished 4th out of 32 pupils and obtained 11As and 3Bs (A > 85%). I am very proud of him and very relieved. Although I had viewed his results online, I wasn't sure how he ranked compared to his classmates (especially now when everybody's kid seems so smart). 

I think, I am not as stressed about him doing well as some other parents might be, but I do want him to do his best and achieve his full potential. I'm not quite sure how my parents made me enjoy school work but it truly is a challenge to keep a 6 year old focused on anything for more than four minutes, especially when his younger siblings are running around the house.  So I just do the best I can to make sure that I am there to supervise his homework, keep his lessons interesting and reward him for his efforts. Hopefully, he will continue to do well and succeed. Ameen.

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Small Kucing said...

LOL...scrambling to write the last few sentences..I had done that too.

wow...your son's school so advance. can view result online. guess am out dated


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