Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lab rats

The first year medical students had their pharmacology lab these past 2 days. As a trainee lecturer I was at hand to help out any way I could. This consisted mostly of answering questions, some of which I knew and some I did not. I do not remember this particular experiment when I was in medical school except that instead of lab rats, my batch used cats. Thankfully, our feline friends are no longer volunteered for this task. 

The thing about experiments is that the results never quite turn out as expected. I think all the trainees had a harder time explaining why things went wrong than we would have had if the results were right. Another recurring theme for these sessions is the fact that despite wearing my ID, medical students love calling me "Kak". Hmmm... I'm beginning to think this will only stop once I start giving lectures. All in all, it was an educational experience for me, and I hope for the students too. 


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