Monday, December 13, 2010

Cousins and chicken

Exhausted after chasing all the chicken
We went back to Kelantan for my niece's Akikah last weekend. The kids had a great time chasing chicken and eating them ..hehe. So did I!

Funny how going round in a circle endlessly is also fun
Hamzah still working on his "PEACE" sign
With our second cousins Mawaddah & Ali
New BFFs
I love going back to Kelantan. It's my kampung. I love the long road trip because although tiring, it makes the whole "balik kampung" experience more authentic. I wish my children will also feel this joy whenever they come back and visit me later when they are all grown up. The Balik Kampung magic should never fade from our hearts. It keeps us young.


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